Kurt lays out Episode 49’s philosophy at Starbucks

Kurt of Episode 49As noted before in this blog, Chattanooga is verging on saturation in the online media market.  That’s a tough place to be in when you run just such a company.  The question becomes then, how do you distinguish yourselves above the others.  There is probably a number of answers to that but in my mind, the best and most long lasting one is to provide a quality service openly with and in the best interest of the client.  That came through loud and clear as I sat down with Kurt, owner of Episode 49.

To discuss at length the qualities of the man and company is beyond the purview of this post.  Suffice it to say that if you want long term growth as the result of a developed strategy of your online properties, you’ll need someone who will listen and that you can trust.  That takes time and personal connection.  From what I learned from our marathon shop talk CoffeeConnect, that’s exactly how Episode 49 is separating itself from the pack in Chattanooga.


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