Energy and Involvement at the Camp House

Tiffany and Tim at the Camp HouseIf you open yourself up to meeting people in Chattanooga, you will get rewarded by meeting fascinating, dedicated people.  It happened again for me when I got together with Tiffany and Tim at the Camp House.  Some of you will know her work as the force behind Stuff Parents Need, a web site “parents can look to for detailed information about how products and services integrate with their busy lives.”  It is thoroughly researched and well worth a bookmark and regular read.  She also teaches world religion online through Phoenix University.  This allows her to work from home and arrange her schedule to be the mom she wants to be for their two young children.

Others of you will know of Tim’s work as a city planner.  Impressively, he is also one of the driving forces behind Open Chattanooga, an “advocacy group working together to make local public data open, available, and useful.”  I had heard and worked with the data this site provides through a shared interest in data visualization.  Finally he is a beta tester in Chattanooga’s bleeding edge rollout of the BikeShare program.

They live near his work so he can bike to work and come home for lunch.  They highly recommend the local Montessori school as well.

I’ll tell you one thing I really appreciate with this couple.  They’ve made specific choices in their lifestyles to foster their family and the environment.  From where they live to how they live and work, they are not accidental tourists in their lives.  They left Memphis two years ago to make this dream in Chattanooga.  Bravo!


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  1. It was great sitting down and chatting with you! Thanks again!

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