Relaxing at Rembrandt’s with Emily

Emily at Rembrandt'sIf you want a unique view of a city, talk to someone who grew up here, left for a good period of time, and heeded the call to come home.  I sat down with Emily today at Rembrandt’s and found her to be just such a person.  Emily helps run the family business and is an eclectic blogger at _emily_rose.

After a decade long absence in South Carolina she returned to a city deep into transformation.  What she loves is that Chattanoogans have developed a civic conscience that allows them to seek grassroots answers to public issues.  The people of this town do not rely on the government to solve all ills but see  it as their duty and more importantly within their ability to effect change.  Along that line she likes the fact that we support local businesses and organizations better than most towns our size.

And she has a recommendation as well.  For a relaxed weekend include brunch at FoodWorks on the North Shore, then down to the city center and the Tennessee Aquarium.  End the day and weekend off with a stroll through the Farmer’s Market on the South Side.  That should mentally soothe you for the week ahead.


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1 Response to Relaxing at Rembrandt’s with Emily

  1. _emily_rose says:

    Thanks for the coffee! It was great to talk to you and I hope our paths continue to cross. :)

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