Dava at Joe Friday’s

Dava at Joe Friday'sWhen you’ve had as many coffees as I’ve had it’s a real treat to find a good, new bistro.  And that’s what I found when I sat down with Dava at Joe Friday’s over on Houston Street. We picked Joe Friday’s because neither of us had been there and we were pleasantly surprised by the deep roasted clean taste of the brew.  I had a mocha made with Ghirardelli’s chocolate and it was a must-have-again cup.

Dava is a freelance writer with wide interests and blogs at Smiling Tree Writing.  She pointed out something about Chattanooga that I feel attracts many to our shores.  You can go from city attractions to outdoor thrills back to the city in no time at all.  You can kayak, canoe, dirt bike, or hike during the day then make it to Miller Plaza to enjoy the open air music at Nightfall in the evening.

What I really enjoyed was learning more about the local food scene.  Be sure to check out Gaining Ground to get a good hold on locally grown food in our area.  The website is also a great place to find your local farmers market like the Main Street Farmers Market open Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  What I found fascinating and new was the concept of HerdShare.  Dava owns a small share in a herd at CreekRidge Farms and therefore can get fresh milk at regular intervals when she visits their booth at the Main Street Farmers Market.  Now that is a smart locavore.


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