Professional Organizing and the Top Chattanooga Restaurants

Julie the Certified Professional OrganizerYes, we’re in a heat wave.  So for some of you even the concept of coffee is just too hot.  That’s why I met with Julie at Sweet Frog, the frozen yogurt palace on Gunbarrel Road.  Julie is a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) with her own blog at  Yes that’s a job and her passion and she’s good at it, just ask her.

A transplant originally from Buffalo, NY who has been here long enough to know the city like the back of her hand and especially the restaurants so whether you buckle up or loosen the belts, here we go.  For Greek Food, Julie recommends the saganaki at the the Acropolis Grill.  For downton Indian, it’s the Sitar on Market Street.  If you’re on the Lee Highway stop by El Taco Roc and order a number 12.  For a nice night out downtown go to the 212 Market Restaurant.  They serve local foods and care about the environment.  For a chain restaurant that doesn’t feel like a chain restaurant go to the BoneFish Grill.  For all things sushi try Seki Sui, Sushi Nabe or for home dining try the sushi at the Fresh Market.  And finally, for the adventurous, pedal on over to Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Cafe on the North Shore.  Now that should keep you foodies busy for a while.


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