Communify at the Stone Cup

Philip and Communify Learn – Create – Share, and help communities to share information more efficiently and effectively, using multiple modes of communication.

That’s the mantra of Communify, the brain child and passion of Philip.  We got together at the Stone Cup over a smoothie and latte and he laid out the grand vision of his creative idea.  From music to television, from mediation to storytelling, Communify wants to strengthen communities by developing strong communication between all members across all modes.  This will be a pivotal summer for his efforts so now’s the time to join the conversation.  Check out Communify online to keep track of it’s development and upcoming public events.

Another one of Philip’s interests is his knowledge and understanding of Chattanooga and it’s historical and economic role in the South as well as the evolution of the city to what it is today.  For that you’ll need to speak with him directly, I could not do it justice.


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