Occasionally We Lose One, A Cautionary Tale

Sarah sayss goodbye at the Stone CupFor all the movement and opportunity in today’s Chattanooga, there are still economic casualties.

I caught up with Sarah at the Stone Cup the day before she moved to Knoxville in search of work.  Laid off in the content creation and marketing field she found herself afloat in a city becoming more and more saturated with tech start ups, social media firms, and tourism services while largely ignoring the basics of local city life like grocery and department stores.  While the former industries are important, the pie is just not increasing fast enough to support all the slices and promising start ups lead to disappointing cutbacks.  And thus Sarah leaves a town she loves.

But it’s not with a bitter heart she leaves and hopes to come back to her adopted home town.  She will miss people watching downtown and especially walking the Riverwalk and the bridges over the Tennessee.  There’s the first Friday each month Gallery viewings in the Bluff View Art District.  She’ll also miss her volunteer work at the Chattanooga Public Library with the English as a Second Language students from Iraq, Sudan, Mexico, etc.  And yes she’ll even miss the guys over at GhostHunter Chattanooga.


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