Gig Tank Summer

Gig TankA few days ago I was invited to take part in one of Chattanooga’s premier world-stage events, Gig Tank.  But more to the point, I was brought into the Gig Tank mixer whereby the idea groups get teamed up with the talent to help them push their concepts over the top.  Throughout the Summer, teams from the U.S. and abroad are competing to design and demo the best use of our gigabit capacity internet.

We Chattanoogans are the test subjects and we will be the first to reap the benefits of what promises to be some boundary-pushing developments, months or even years ahead of the rest of the country, not to mention the world.


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2 Responses to Gig Tank Summer

  1. _emily_rose says:

    Neat! Were there any projects that stood out?

    • newChatt says:

      Howdy Emily. Yes two stood out to me but I’m a little unclear about how much I can discuss. To be blandly concise, I was most interested in the project to help connect senior citizens with each other, family, and services via the internet and another one that can mine social media to help spot developing epidemics. Both were brilliant. Chris

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