New Chattanooga adds new Pinterest Board

New Chattanooga PinterestChattanooga is brilliantly deep in its points of interest and areas of achievement.  Under the old New2Chatt regime we latched on to the potential of Pinterest to help us tell the story of this city.  We’re proud to say that we are rededicating ourselves to that effort under the New Chattanooga name.  With that in mind we have launched a new Pinterest board, Chattanooga street art.  The aim is to showcase the varied art on public display around our fair city.  The images themselves will be housed on thegreengroup’s Flickr site.

In addition, we’ve rebranded the progressive Chattanooga Pinterest board which will henceforth be called progressive / entrepreneurial Chattanooga.  Enjoy.


About New Chattanooga

New Chattanooga creator and blogger
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