Urban Design Challenge

Urban Design ChallengeA quick note here about the Urban Design Challenge.  Again we see, what to me, is a characteristic and a strength of Chattanooga.  The ability and desire to throw ideas out there to see where they lead.  And if nothing else is accomplished, at least a dialogue has begun.

Chattanooga, like all cities, has shortcomings in its urban space.  But unlike most cities, Chattanooga is using this as an opportunity to get the public and urban planners involved.  The Challenge brings together 6 teams that on consecutive Thursdays, this past Thursday being the fourth, expound on their vision of what target areas could be.  This week it was Elemi Architects who tackled the 4th street gateway to the city.  Very impressive and very well attended by the community.  A theater at the Majestic 12 Cinema was reserved and very nearly filled to capacity.

Thanks Rich, a future CoffeeConnect, for letting me know about this event.


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