Occasionally We Lose One, A Cautionary Tale

Sarah sayss goodbye at the Stone CupFor all the movement and opportunity in today’s Chattanooga, there are still economic casualties.

I caught up with Sarah at the Stone Cup the day before she moved to Knoxville in search of work.  Laid off in the content creation and marketing field she found herself afloat in a city becoming more and more saturated with tech start ups, social media firms, and tourism services while largely ignoring the basics of local city life like grocery and department stores.  While the former industries are important, the pie is just not increasing fast enough to support all the slices and promising start ups lead to disappointing cutbacks.  And thus Sarah leaves a town she loves.

But it’s not with a bitter heart she leaves and hopes to come back to her adopted home town.  She will miss people watching downtown and especially walking the Riverwalk and the bridges over the Tennessee.  There’s the first Friday each month Gallery viewings in the Bluff View Art District.  She’ll also miss her volunteer work at the Chattanooga Public Library with the English as a Second Language students from Iraq, Sudan, Mexico, etc.  And yes she’ll even miss the guys over at GhostHunter Chattanooga.

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Chante talks creativity and social media at the Camp House

Chante talks creativity at the Camp HouseCreative Misfit (CM).  That’s what I am.  And apparently I’m not alone because people like me are drawn to places like Chattanooga.  The question is, what do we do once we get here.  That, in part, was the illuminating discussion I had today with Chanté, a fellow CM at the Camp House.  As brilliant as CHA is, it can be a difficult place for the most creative of people because, as Chanté points out, ideas are not necessarily valued to the level as tangible products.  And therein lies the rub, as the Bard has pointed out through his Danish avatar.  The aforementioned Chanté is a web alchemist at Moss Media Labs and a digital marketing guru in her own right at Chanté.  Full disclosure though, the Creative Misfit concept was developed by her collaborator Jon at Moss Media Labs and for you in-the-know types, that’s the Jon himself.

As far as Moss Media goes, they don’t just create websites, they stress the equipping of companies to take control of their web properties.  They focus on strategic development and provide DIY workshops to help develop savvy internet property management.  Chanté provides the marketing muscle and is adept at such things as Facebook marketing campaigns.

And the Creative Misfit dilemma?  I explore that in greater detail in the No Bad Idea section.  Let me know if you’d like to contribute to that discussion.

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Cycling in Chattanooga and Free Donuts

I had heard rumors of their existence but today was my first sighting.  Now I pass the secret on to you.Cycling in Chattanooga  A rogue group of civic-minded Chattanoogans are working to enhance the cycling culture of this town.  If you are out biking between 7:00 and 8:30 a.m. on Friday mornings, be sure to ride over the Walnut Street Bridge.  At the half way mark you will surely hear these words shouted out, “free coffee and donuts!”  I did then applied my brakes and did a 180.  This group who shall remain nameless, mainly because I don’t think they have a name, meet every Friday to hand out not only donuts and Velo coffee but muffins, hard boiled eggs, and orange juice in an effort to promote cycling in Chattanooga and strengthen the sense of community of local cyclists.

Actually that’s every Friday except the first one of each month.  On the first Friday of every month, you can join other Chattanooga cyclists at Miller Plaza for free breakfast starting at 7:00 a.m. as part of the Bike2Work program.  But be advised, the aforementioned rogues will be there as well, blending in with the normals.

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New2Chatt relaunches as New Chattanooga

Congratulations to us.  We’ve now officially relaunched as New Chattanooga.  We hope to take our site to new levels and this relaunch is just the beginning.

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New Chattanooga adds new Pinterest Board

New Chattanooga PinterestChattanooga is brilliantly deep in its points of interest and areas of achievement.  Under the old New2Chatt regime we latched on to the potential of Pinterest to help us tell the story of this city.  We’re proud to say that we are rededicating ourselves to that effort under the New Chattanooga name.  With that in mind we have launched a new Pinterest board, Chattanooga street art.  The aim is to showcase the varied art on public display around our fair city.  The images themselves will be housed on thegreengroup’s Flickr site.

In addition, we’ve rebranded the progressive Chattanooga Pinterest board which will henceforth be called progressive / entrepreneurial Chattanooga.  Enjoy.

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Gig Tank Summer

Gig TankA few days ago I was invited to take part in one of Chattanooga’s premier world-stage events, Gig Tank.  But more to the point, I was brought into the Gig Tank mixer whereby the idea groups get teamed up with the talent to help them push their concepts over the top.  Throughout the Summer, teams from the U.S. and abroad are competing to design and demo the best use of our gigabit capacity internet.

We Chattanoogans are the test subjects and we will be the first to reap the benefits of what promises to be some boundary-pushing developments, months or even years ahead of the rest of the country, not to mention the world.

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New2Chatt sunsetting in favor of New Chattanooga

All great things come to an end, or in this case, sunset. And so it is with New2Chatt. Starting this weekend, please find us at our new address, newChattanooga.net. Thanks for your great support and see you there.

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