Donyale at Rembrandt’s

Donyale at Rembrandt'sWhen you sit down with Donyale, you’re going to have a wide-ranging discussion on interesting topics far and wide.  And when you add sitting outside on a sunny Spring day plus a cup of Rembrandt’s coffee, just relax and enjoy the ride.  Here’s some highlights.

Besides being Chattanooga’s top notch PBS station, WTCI‘s facility is a notable art gallery of local talent and deserves a visit in and of itself.

Chattanooga sits on a theatrical crossroads.  We could have professional, high caliber theater in this town.  We have the talent in our area but professionals are forced to commute to Atlanta to make a living.  We have new, edgier theater movements popping up like Theater for the New South.  Now’s our time.

Like Adera, Donyale is a big supporter of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hamilton County where she serves on the board and is super passionate about local children’s issues.  As such she is involved with the Muse of Fire Project, an after school project where children spend ten weeks writing and developing their own plays then perform them for the public.  Brilliant stuff.


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