Talking progressive with the CFGC

PeteIf you want to peer into the progressive future of Chattanooga, talk to Pete at the Community Fund of Greater Chattanooga.  The only thing is, that future is already taking shape as we speak.  Whether it’s the GigCity competition, the use of WiFi to help police fight crime, the Sim Center at UTC, or Chattanooga’s position in the WWW3 rollout, he will know who to talk to and what the status is.  He’s also a big Chatt supporter, having witnessed the rise of our city from dirty to world stage.

What Pete likes about Chattanooga is that it is positioned for the future.  We will continue to draw in major companies like Amazon and Volkswagen because we have the culture, the networks, the ethos, and the agile technology to make those groups succeed and their workers feel welcome.


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