Socializing with Ryan from Full Media

Ryan at CadenceI just seem to be on a roll, a long string of CoffeeConnects with really great Chattanoogans.  Ryan from FullMedia is definitely one of the good ones.  He has a wide interest arena but we spent the hour plus talking shop about internet marketing, a fascination of mine.

At times, the Chattanooga internet milieu has seemed a bit nebulous to me.  So it was refreshing to discuss FullMedia and its clear vision with Ryan.  Servanthood quickly came to the fore and the desire to work with local mid-size companies, churches, and non-profits in an open, honest, and ethical manner.  We talked about online reputation management and focus on service.  Very impressive.  The great thing is that he is the first step for anyone wanting to work with FullMedia so whether you are long-established or New2Chatt, Ryan Naegele is the one to contact.

As a bonus to me, we brainstormed one idea about CoffeeConnect.  I mentioned, as a past assistant to an epidemiologist, that I was mentally mining the data coming in about the people who accept and ultimately follow through on meeting with me.  How the locus was shifting across town and across socio-economic strata.  He suggested that I map that out for greater clarity.  Brilliant idea.  I plan on working on that in the coming weeks.  Thanks Ryan.

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