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CoffeeConnect is going viral.  How do I know?  First, I’m into third generation Connects.  Rich recommends me to Teal who recommends me to Liz and Ryan.  That would make Rich a grandConnector.  Second, people are calling me now to set up meet-and-sips.  Finally, the local press is on to the idea.  I’m now in a week of Connects, all of which fall into one or more of these categories.

Katie at ChattzAnd thus we come to Katie at Chattz.  In the best Southern tradition Katie is a hoot.  A UTC junior, she is an intern at The Pulse, Chattanooga’s Weekly Alternative and tasked with finding out about this Coffee thing going on.  For over an hour she drew me out with a broad range of questions and comments that really made the time fly and showed the brilliant reporter that is emerging into the journalistic maelstrom.  Definitely a career worth watching.

Then, of course it was my turn.  Katie is a homegrown Chattanoogan and the outdoors is where she loves to be.  For the first time I heard about Blue Holes.  Local natural swimming holes that are crystal clear, deep, known only to the locals.  To find one, get to know a local.  She also loves the fact that it’s sunny most of the time.  Having just moved from Morgantown, WV, one of the cloudier areas in the country, we really have noticed and commented on that very fact several times a week since we’ve been here.

Two days after our coffee, my family and I were driving down Frazier Avenue in North Chatt and we heard a loud and friendly, “Hey, Chris!”  It was Katie pulling up next to us at the light.  A quick, enthusiastic exchange and she was off.   My boy laughed and my wife said with a wide grin, “I sure love this town”.


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