Camp House Coffee and Teal’s Vision of a Better Chattanooga

TealChattanooga is like all progressive cities, not everyone is sharing in the dream.  But fortunately we have people like Teal.  She’s one of those visionaries who is geared to see those not yet in that dream and have the drive, conviction, and creativity to do something about it.  She’s in charge of community outreach for the Glass House Collective, a revitalization organization that plans on starting a community and commercial revitalization, first on Glass Street then throughout East Chattanooga.  This is an area which seems to be hidden from most Chattanoogans but has such potential and through grants, education, and community involvement the Collective is working to help all the city grow together.

As we sipped on our Camp House coffees, Teal also told me about Project: PopUp.  Started by the River City Company and Berry + Hunt, it is downtown Chattanooga’s retail incubator to support and attract new retail opportunities in downtown’s City Center district.

Chattanooga is full of creative, innovative people and as a city is still in the upward swing of a large Renaissance.  Teal is part of that and that’s why we moved here.


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