Adventure and a Chai Tea Latte

Jennifer skydivingSitting in a Panera in downtown Chattanooga can be an unlikely place to start an adventure.  Or maybe not.  Either way, Jennifer, pictured at left plummeting downwards towards Tennessee, is just the person to talk to when it comes to finding out about adrenaline in the Chattanooga area.  As adventure writer for Get Out Chattanooga, she gets called on regularly to taste the wild life and then live to write about it.  To read about her jump, watch some video, and find nearby places to escape from a perfectly good plane, go to the Dive In article.

This is not her only feat but there is one that she won’t do, noodling.  I’m sure a few of you know of this but if not, it’s quite simple.  Find an underwater catfish hole, stick your hand in and get the rather large catfish to swallow it.  Then you pull your hand, arm, and the catfish out, and presto, you’ve noodled.  Okay, I’m with you on that one.

And yes, we didn’t meet in a local coffeehouse but the chai tea latte was very good and she is the same Jennifer that turned me on to the Cubano at Stone Cup mentioned in one of my first posts.  So let’s just let this one pass.


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