Area 203 provides the coffee

Joseph at Area 203Joseph invited me into the inner workings, or at least the staff eating/informal meeting room, of Area 203, Chattanooga’s digital media outfitter.  Over a cup of hot coffee we discussed Chattanooga’s upswing and our place in it.

I learned a new term that applies to people like Joseph.  He left Florida and moved north, then moved down to Tennessee, half way back to Florida.  Therefore he is a “halfback”, a term applied to him by others.  Fascinating.  In that worldview, I now declare myself a “fullback”, someone who grew up in Tennessee, left to see the world, then eventually settled back here for good.

He pinpointed the same problem for his company that Andre did for SociallyU, not enough hi tech, high end workers to fill the positions available.  Take note of that and contact either company if you generally fit this bill.  Of Area 203’s needs are .Net programmers, SEO specialists, and flash developers for ad banners.


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