Rich introduces me to Pasha’s on St. Elmo’s

Rich at 48 Hour LaunchClose your eyes and picture a coffeehouse in your mind.  Somewhere in Chattanooga that picture is a reality.  Pasha Coffee & Tea on St. Elmo’s is just such a place.  Nestled right at the foot of Lookout Mountain across the street practically from the Incline, this is a place designed for talk, study, or turning into a day office, as indeed Rich does.

This conversation was the most wide-ranging discussion yet and defies categorization.  So let’s start with background.  Even though Rich was one of my early CoffeeConnects back before we had moved, I’ve seen him around town at events like the Urban Design Challenge and yesterday at Green|Spaces’ City Share series.  He introduced me to Olin and Blythe who in turn introduced me to Eric, and so on.  Eric used the term viral and I do see that is the case with CC@YW.

So what did we speak about?  We actually never got around to talking specifically about what he loves about Chattanooga, but in thinking back about our chat and our interactions, I do take something very specific away from that.  And that is Chattanooga is a network of people.  If you are open, creative, respectful, you will meet people and they will introduce you around, and so forth and so on.  And that’s when the fun begins.  Thanks Rich for being one of the reasons that Chattanooga is the place to be.


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