48 Hour Pre-event Pitch Night

48 Hour LaunchA quick note on this run-up event.  Chattanooga bills itself as, among other things, a progressive city that puts its ideas into action.  The 48 Hour Launch is one place where this all comes together.  Hosted by the good folks at the Company Lab, the 48 Hour Launch allows anyone to pitch an idea and form a team of volunteers to make it happen, specifically in a Friday night to Sunday night marathon.

I attended the pre-event pitch night last Monday night and was very impressed by the energy and the creativity.  The 12 ideas presented in 3 minute bites ran the gamut.  I particularly remember several:

  • Josh wants to develop a web site to help newcomers identify a faith group with which to worship,
  • Dustin pitched an idea for a Tennessee Aquarium app that would greatly enhance a visitor’s experience both during and after a visit,
  • Megan showed us her vision of creating pocket communities in Chattanooga that would enhance sustainability and community,
  • Enoch concentrated on the greater viability of PediCabs,
  • Tony wants to bring together the Ultimate Frisbee community,
  • Jonathan and DJ, the accomplished Chatype entrepreneurs pitched “Found in Chatt” which would highlight all that Chattanooga has to offer.

The full event begins Friday night March 30 at 6 p.m. and the demo of the ideas starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday night April 1.  It’s not too late to either volunteer or even pitch your idea and pull in a team from the assembled volunteers.  I myself will probably pass around to several teams during the time I’m there.

On a side note, there were at least 7 CoffeeConnects there, most of which I had not contacted yet for our get together and someone else I met had read this blog.  As an attempt to connect to the community, my efforts seem to be paying off.

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