Urban Design in the Community

Blythe at the Camp HouseBack at the Camp House, a very popular place, we meet Blythe.  He is an urban design dynamo especially as it relates to the community of Chattanooga.  Urban design is a strong interest of mine so I was excited to learn of his work.

Blythe is on the Idea Channel team which is next up for the Urban Design Challenge.  They will be tackling the Vine Street corridor that connects UTC with the city center.  This of course would have implications for a greater integration of the students into the life of the city.

For a deeper insight into his commitment to Chattanooga go to Chattanooga Community Design Forum.  You can find the CCDF involved with the round table forum that discusses the latest Urban Design Challenge.  The next forum will be Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., March 28, at the Creative Discovery Museum.  The CCDF also aids and coordinates students from various universities who choose Chattanooga’s urban landscape to use as a canvas for student projects.  The south river walk area and a proposed industrial heritage museum are two current student projects they are helping with.

An ardent cyclist, he personally recommends Suck Creek Cycle in North Chattanooga.  That is exactly the type of recommendation my family and I had been looking for.  Thanks Blythe for that and what you’re doing for the community as a whole.


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