Toast and Sustainability

Next up Olin who chose to meet at Coffee Crafters Toast at the corner of Vine and Lindsay.  We didn’t have coffee but for a change you can try the Cape Hope Vanilla Red tea or for the sweet tooth try the Apple Cider chai.

Olin at ToastIf you want a wide ranging discussion on pretty much anything that interests you, grab a tea with Olin.  In regards to sustainability, he’s in the know.  Now I know that I want to see more urban farming going on around here.  He also gave me a run down on the local foundations and their missions.  Very informative.  For a local event, he suggested City Share: Guerrilla Urbanism on Wednesday 28 at Green|Spaces geared towards catalyzing healthy communities.

As a bonus he suggested taking advantage of the history walks put on occasionally by the Chattanooga History Center.  Very good, very inexpensive.



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