What do you do on your first day as a Chattanoogan?

Food.  That’s the answer.  We are now firmly ensconced on the Chattanooga mainland, and the first order of business is food.  So what did we find as we scrambled around North Chattanooga?  Well, Taco Mamacita for one.  The California Club Taco is now a favorite of mine.  Next up, Greenlife Grocery.  This is a great place for healthy food choices as well as eat in or take out tasty meals.  And how do you round out the first 24 hours on the ground?  Go to Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats.  Next to the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge you can sit at a table on the outdoor patio, look across the Tennessee River and enjoy a cup of Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet or perhaps some No Sugar Added Strawberry yogurt.  And this is just the beginning.

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