New Pinterest board, N2C idea, and moving day is coming

Last things first, we finally close on our house in Morgantown tomorrow.  Therefore we will wash up on your sunny shores, so to speak, the evening of March 6.  That’s right, we need your prayers for a safe trip.

First things second, a new Pinterest board has been created for N2C called Chattanooga Museums.  I’m sure there are out-of-the-way, quirky museums that get little attention next to the Aquariums and Hunters of the world.  Let me know of those and I’ll pin them.

Finally, how about brief interviews with local store owners posted on N2C?  That’s a good way to show your passion for your business right?  I’d prefer a short video interview.  If anyone would like to help me or if you like your local establishment to take part in this, let me know.

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